About Us

DCHIMA is committed:

  • to provide dynamic leadership in the creation and utilization
    of systems and standards to ensure quality health information
  • to influence governmental, educational, social and business issues which impact on the management and use of health information for the benefit of patients and providers
  • to provide educational programs and other services
  • to advance the professional competency of both DCHIMA members and others who work with health information.

DCHIMA Vision Statement:

DCHIMA will be recognized as the leaders in the transformation of Health Information Management.  We will provide our members with the opportunities to enhance their professional excellence, leadership and technical skills through continued education.

We are the advocates for quality healthcare through quality health information to benefit providers, our community and the health care industry.

DCHIMA Mission Statement:

DCHIMA is dedicated to transforming the HIM Profession. We are committed to meeting the challenges to serve our members, providers, community and the health care industry.